Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Wednesday tip!

Two heads are better than one!

frost-bite nights!

This is the park across from my house! It was a cold frosty night when I took this shot, when i got home (1.30am) I had to sit in front of the fire and wait to feel my feet again! (all worth the photos tho!)

look what i found:

this was in amongst the old pictures of dads. I kinda giggle when i read it as it would've been the latest technology back then! especially because you can "take movies that you couldn't before. in everything from candlelight to bright sunlight". Would've been really cool to own one back then!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

fashion update:

I can't believe I didn't post something sooner!
So the library fashion show was a success and an enjoyable night for all.
Above is Aileen and myself with all our designs/models behind us!
1 hr - 12 models - makeup and hair - accomplished! 0hrs sleep! - (for me that was!)

here are a few pictures from the night:

check out more on my website


this is my cat Colby, & this is his evil stare at Walter Beau! (giggles) they don't like each other and it gets amusing to watch them 'fight' like brother and brother!

one tram stop

Have you ever been sitting on a Tram and God tells you to do something?
Well I have!
I was like "God how am I going to do this? what do I say? I'm so nervous!"
Anyway so I worked up the courage and proceeded!
Let me give the back ground:
I was in Sydney, dressed in some black pants, yellow grey heels, cream top & big purple bow!
As I walked to a free spot to wait for a tram I noticed two ladies chatting, one of which had these gorgeous orange heels on (pictured), everything matched so well - her dress, bag, nail polish! She was off somewhere special!
As the tram pulls up we all hope on, pass polite smiles across from each other and then gaze out the window so it doesn't get too award!
This is when God starts talking to me about stepping out of my comfort and being obedient to him, and me questioning back (what the) and forth until finally he has given me enough courage to speak!
So I say Hi to this lovely lady and ask to take a picture of her shoes (shes happy for me to do so), then the lady next to her asks why I was doing so, then a man walks on and sits next to me and sees me taking a picture, he starts asking why etc. too! So it turned out Alex (shoes) was off to a wedding, lady next to her has a daughter in the fashion business & her son-in-law too and the man next to me is a fashion photographer! wow, "so that's why you wanted me to do that God!" - you must take note: I'm kinda quiet and shy - most of the time so that was unusual for me. (i don't know how journalists do it!)
So my tip for today: step out of your comfort zone and do something that tests your faith & makes you grow!

little leather bag..

I don't think this piece of art/fashion/accessory will ever date!
This is actually the second one of these bags I have owned as the first one I FINALLY got ended up breaking between the two rabbits and I was so very sad! BUT it is all good now, as you can see - all better!
Soooo that has made me very cautious when I wear this special bag.
It was purchased from my favourite little strip of stores off Sydney Road, Brunswick called arbor!
(I just discovered right then that they have a site, great! - check it out)

Friday, 25 June 2010

freyer archives:

One cold raining evening I sat by the fire and while Dad found his old photo albums, we took a trip through the Freyer archives! i love looking through his pictures and listening to his stories of when he was a young boy! I can imagine just how he would've acted too!
my dad is the one in the dark red jumper standing at the back (his hair style is pretty much the same these days too) I love this family shot of my dad, aunty & uncles. Its really cool how uncle Fred (the blonde boy) has the tradition 'german' traits too. Our heritage is German & majority of people assume im Italian or from somewhere exotic place(which would be cool), so nope...we're German!

here are a few more....

this was their swimming pool!
(Aunty Gab, Dad, Aunty Trish, Pop, Uncle Fred)

Dad in his teens, he reached to black belt, wow!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

paper plane

I own this unique necklace & love it so much I wanted to show you!
It was purchased by my Mum (for my birthday) from a store on Acland Street - St Kilda.
I wear it with really plain outfits so the picture stands out. My gray jacket with tree print on the inside seems to be its buddy and a t-shirt from my 'the park plays at night' collection.

hasselblad -

 how sweet is this picture?
taken by one cool guy - Mike Nguyen
with a Hasselblad camera - provided by Sayher Herfernan (an awsome photographer)
a few days after Walter Beau was in my life!

little pen pal!

I finally have a pen pal.

Years ago when I was a little girl (15yrs to be precise...yeaks!)
I would write to my favourite cousins Lisa & Nicole. We would tell each other about what movies we were going to watch, what our pets were up to and how school was good or bad (usually kid life).
One letter I remember was when Lisa told me she went to watch the movie 'Babe' (you know with the talking pig).
My brothers and I were going to watch it one Saturday afternoon, we were so full of jellybeans and bored waiting for mum to shop we started playing chasey in the store (bad move). When mum noticed this we were grounded which ment no 'Babe': I think that’s why the letter sticks to my mind.
Anyhoo my point to all this is Lisa & Nicole have gorgeous kids now & we are keeping the tradition going, above is a letter I wrote to Tiarna. She loves to draw and own pretty things too.
I can’t wait to visit them all in a few weeks, they live in Townsville!
Hello Sun, goodbye frost bite!

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I love this picture, that’s why im sharing it!
(this would be one of the first I haven't taken that im posting up!)
There is so much joy within it! dad is giggling in the background as my brother has fun throwing lil baby Walter in the air. I didn't mind obviously as im trying to capture! I think the only one not enjoying things is Walter! (oops)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

pop-up stall

I have had the idea for so long now to set up a pop-up market stall (thats a mouthful), the only thing that’s stopping me now at the moment is the weather, money, time to make products and people to help me work it; so basically im not really ready to do it right now but in the near future I will be!
With art classes and my fashion label it will come together (with products to sell). I'd love to incorporate some kids activities at my stall too - like the snow globe making (few post earlier) and face painting (because that’s fun!) Oh the possibilities when you dream you can do so many things in life!

i took this shot when i was visiting one of my awsome friends Becky.
I loved the back of this girls dress so quickly snapped away. I brought a cute navy dress from there only 10 dollars! woohoo

some art:

im enrolling into tafe art classes next semester & i can't wait (yip-di-dip-di-doo-day)
i hope to be so pleased with my work that I'll share it with you when it happens!
above is one of my first charcoal drawings I did late last year.


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