Tuesday, 20 December 2011

our world is so beautiful:


(I didn't take these pics, I can't remember where found them as it wasn't today, sorry)

This picture below makes me feel so calm and peaceful, just love it. 

Wear a headpiece:

Inspired by this picture I found {HERE}, Saturday night I could finally feel complete with my Christmas work show outfit.

I would really love to wear something like this 'crown' on Christmas Day, I'm just not sure it's the right thing to wear when your trying to make a nice impression with your boyfriends family for the 1st meeting?!

So this is what I wore as a head piece saturday night:
 ...it was a necklace, last minute buy from Diva.

This is my sweet boyfriend :)

Vintage purse I found at this cute little antique store outside my boyfriends apartment in Town.

Christmas lights! The white/blue lights were my very quick last minute table centres, I'm apart of the social club at work and lent a hand putting the room together, I love decorating for parties!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

instagram lately:

Top Right: Mr.Colby enjoying a cat nap on the couch!
Top Left: Little Ziana Lea is walking around now, yipee!
Middle Right: Newest addition to my design space.
Middle Left: One rainy day at the start of summer!
Bottom Right: A beautiful hand illustrated card for my birthday from a best friend
Bottom Left: Table 12 of 12 people on the 12th day of the 12th month!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

1961 / mount gambier:

I must say I haven't watched the full 18minutes but it is quite cute, I giggled here and there. Just doesn't seem like the same place.
I wish I had the skills to create a current time one and have it mirror each other, especially the 'new hospital' moment quote: "we are quite proud of our new hospital", if only they could time travel to now, they would say "we are quite applaud of our old hospital!" - never fear something amazing will be done with it in the next few years and they would be proud again!

25th / afternoon tea party

I'm turning 25 in less than 2 weeks!! (feels like only yesterday my brother and I were on the couch in our old house with him saying to me "next year you will be in the double numbers and there is only 1 more minute until your birthday is over" I had just turned 9)
Being the only girl and youngest I think I was spoilt with a birthday party every year, it seems to have continued. I love birthday parties, especially the decorating part.

This year I was like "yeah, lets just have coffee and tea somewhere in the afternoon"....Now it's in the park for afternoon tea but I want to create this below and have a little photo shoot area set up to take some fun shots (as that's what I love to do) and my beautiful boyfriend and I are baking a red velvet cake the night before, I'm also wanting to bake my ice-cream cone cupcakes! I really can't wait (I don't think I should be turning 25, I feel too much like that 9 year old sometimes. But I do have specks of grey hair showing that you don't stay young forever!)

should i make these...? haha

something like this will be a backdrop for the photo shoot with trees in the background, oh so pretty!!

Monday, 28 November 2011


you make me feel this everyday

and this:

I hope it is never ending with you,  xx

super birthday:

This was for a young 27yr old! 
As you would know by now I am a fan superman also
LOVED this cake (it's my birthday 2wks today!! Hint!)
We had the theme song playing just before your traditional happy birthday,
fun night with great company, laughs and yummy food :)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Monki Magazine

it feels like it has been forever since I have clicked the 'New Post' button on my dashboard but the week has flown!! even this very moment feels too quick as I need to get dressed for a party! Hope to get a picture of my outfit, I think you may like it! 
Happy Saturday xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

#2 of the 21day challenge:

have a look and follow!

Whats for Breakfast?

I really want these pancakes again!
I had these while I was in Melbourne with my fun cousins Lisa & Nicole, they trekked all the way down from Townsville (well they flew down actually). This was about 7am or 7.30 (that is early for me!) we were off to Kaiser Craft for the Traders day. We all loved it, saw lots of beautiful scrapbooking ideas, pretty new patterns, new products and how they are mass produced, received lots of free products and made some crafts too! Here are a few pictures from the day:

JET + JAF 21 day challenge

Here it is!
The 21 days has started... we are up to illustrations today!
If you like what we are doing or creating start to follow us or leave us a comment! you can access through the link on my side bar or simply click this link {JET + JAF}!

Monday, 7 November 2011


I've been keeping myself rather busy lately. I'm currently sitting here on my laptop with only13% battery left (my charger isn't in reach!), and I need to rush to get fabric, make some amazing clothes that are stacked up in my wondrous mind, Personal Training at 3.30pm, body balance at 6.30pm and in between all this working out I need to create, make and complete a few projects before Friday, a little stressed.
Aside all the stress I was able to sit and paint my 1st image for a challenge my colleague (which when we are up and running will share the link so you can follow us!) and I have created for ourselves to be more artistic and adventurous...this is my portrait of her: enjoy!! 


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