Sunday, 31 January 2010

icecream cupcakes:

want to try something different & yummy. Next time you bake cupcakes pour the mixture in to some ice cream cones & place them in the oven. So sweet to look at & tasty in your mouth.
(I baked these standing the ice cream cones up in a 12 pan muffin tray, it seemed to work well!)

my guitar & the willow tree

once I have learnt the art of playing guitar I'm going to sit by a willow tree and strum merrily away.
I just love them, their long viney leaves that create a tent of adventure to build in, makes me wish I had one in our yard when I was a little girl!
this is a watercolour painting on canvas I did to express my 'one day vision' of strumming under the willow tree.


I thought I'd better post something creative up that i have done, as Iv been a little busy here with the festive season & work. But to inspire myself & you this was a dress I created for a charity my church was running. It raised $115 for the children in Africa. pretty happy I could contribute in a way I enjoy.


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