Thursday, 18 February 2010

90 degrees clockwise.

sometimes its right in front of you, you just need to turn it 90o clockwise!
The bookshelf you see above is actually my old horizontal cupboard i have made useful.
I actually saved this from my old residence in Brunswick, so not only is it a great feature but completely free!
Maybe you can check out some of your furniture & see if it works too!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Walter Beau.

This is Walter Beau's name tag....
and here is his adorable face...

at the moment he is learning "in your bed" & "shake".
We will be heading to puppy school soon, waiting to complete vaccinations!
This weekend he will be 8 weeks, he's about to have a growth spurt as his front paws are getting bigger. (how cute!!)
I brought Walter Beau from Tintagel Kennels, (located just outside of Geelong).
I named him Walter Beau as I love the name Walter; (which means Army General - german) & Beau is his dad's name; (which means Beautiful, Handsome - french) - I have a german/french border collie whom speaks with an american accent!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

while i was gone!!

I moved address...this was the last of my old room.
My pieces above were randomly moved to position, as I often look with my creative eye I captured this set up. My 'MAN' has come in handy for some fashion construction!

I decorated my new bedroom.
I'm loving the white/baby blue colour theme; it reminds me of country summer days.

I enjoyed the afternoon sun fall softly through my window.
my wooden man whom i haven't named has been balancing as though he's walking a tight-rope. My cat Colby has knocked him off a few times while playing investigator at night.

I gathered together all my nail care products & created a good size nail kit!
A past time ritual when I visit my best bud Amy has been to watch her manicure her nails. Something I've always thought was handy was her little case of items,  fit for a professional finish.
Due to the move I was able to finally gather all my separated polishes & buffers to always have well maintained hands & feet! (I have sugerbaby clear colour on at the moment, a change from my bright reds or blues)

I made the best pasta I have EVER eaten in my 23yrs!
in the latest issue of relevant magazine; flicking through I noticed some 2010 achievements to aim for, one of  them was to create a master dish. Tick for that one!
The only sad thing was I ate it all alone! :(

Valentines Day / Library Lovers Day
Unlike any 14 Feb I've had before, I dressed up in my pretty red dress, wore tan heels, placed on a gorgeous heart necklace and topped it off with long flowing hair; ready for a day at library. Some would say I was little red riding hood, as you can see the basket of heart chocolates made the childhood story character come to life. No big bad wolves thank goodness!

I have arranged pretty flowers!
(1st flowers were picked from the garden & placed on the kitchen table)
Above flowers were for my brothers fiancĂ©’s birthday!

I purchased a Border Collie Puppy!
His name is Walter Beau & I love him very much. In our first week of bonding I have taught him to 'come', 'sit', 'beg' & 'no'.He's a smart pup!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

its books!

For some girls its shoes, others sunglasses; me... over excessive buys or borrows of books (& stationary). I have found some awesome books at my library, thank goodness the limit to borrow is 50! What’s even better is its free! I say get on your bike & ride merrily down the road to become a member of your local library; the choice is endless.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Waking up 5 minutes earlier in the morning does make a difference to your day!
I experienced this the other morning:
 I had a time to eat breakfast, leave a tidy room & style my hair, amazing! Training a sleepy head to get up takes baby steps.

My hand print above is for an accessory I am working on, can't wait to show you the finished product.

Monday, 1 February 2010

17 Montogue st. 'larky art!'

it just so happened that i got my creative paws on this interesting book while working at the local library.
Lucky for me the travel section was having a spring clean. I didn't even know what the book was about until i opened it a few days later.
This inspirational artist of 17 Montogue St, Glasgow has published a collections of cleverly composed envelopes from over a few yrs. The fasinating thing is the many ways Harriet came up with communicating her address; from dot-to-dot, word puzzels, drawn sign language, cute comic conversations, maps, photos, floor plans, colour by number and so on.
here are a few i enjoyed:
this is a travel card that Harriet wrote on and 6 months later recieved back in the mail!
this is air mail from NYC. I can just imagine her doodling away in a little NY cafe with daily routines happening behind her.
I love looking inside houses, i also like to imagine the layout, thankfully with the help of this floor plan I could decorate this little apartment as i continued on with the happy little find.


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