Friday, 22 October 2010

miniature things

I love miniature things...look what I found:
Oh I just want to play a game of chess on this board!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fashion, DIY'S, Fashion

When can I do this look?
I have the perfect dress to pull it off but need the sexy black knee highs
Loving this site..

Oh my, you HAVE to check out these images,
 I love the shadow play they have done. So clever. Creative!
i couldn't decide which look I liked best so chose my top 3...

Something else I found today,
I was updating our library blog and needed a picture of the book Junk Beautiful, that is where I discovered this blog and these pictures...

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sunday Markets at the Library:

(poster design by the design crew at the Mount Gambier Library Danni & Jennaalyce)

I can't wait, I'm holding a stall of all hand made jennaalyce goods.
it is happening on the 7th November outside on the Mount Gambier Library balcony.
Will be awesome!
Hope you see you there, tell your friends about it!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Port Fairy:

At the end of September I went for a small getaway to Port Fairy.
Here is part of the adventure in photos:

Anthony taking a nice picture of the light house, we walked an hr trail to get to it.

i liked the tones and textures

a black crow in flight

on the way to the light house, it was a bit overcast that day

we made a new friend, this cat (charlie) followed us to our room, sat on our laps and enjoyed pats.
Then he stayed at our door all night till morning. He had the weirdest sounding meow.
(he lives at The Stag)

reflection - captured by Anthony
(his shoe are from London)

Say hello to something cute today!!

I love my little white lamb with its cool baby blue scarf.
It is actually a key ring, I don't want to get it all ruined so I keep it sitting on my bench in the design room with all my other white things!
It was purchased in New Zealand 2009.

by jennaalyce:

This is a piece of artwork I finished while taking lessons with Susie Clark at The Little Goat Gallery.
I really enjoyed the 6 weeks, always looked forward to winding down from a busy day.
This is one of my favourite pieces from Susie's 'Just Do' exhibition.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

puppie clothes of the day:

Oh this is just adorable, if I could put Daphni Olive in this and wear my coat that's similar we would look like the dog and owners in 101 Dalmatians opening scenes.

not that I'm getting married anytime soon BUT this is defiantly going to be worn by my furry babies when I walk the aisle!

Paper Art of the day:

wow wee, how amazing is this!?
check out more at: papernoodle

Vimeo of the day:

I love everything about this clip, the speed, camera angles, the carrot being made, her studio and the credits!
Let me know if you do too... and let the peron who made the clip by clicking on the like button! Cool :)

This is how I make a carrot! from Craig Shimala on Vimeo.

picture of the day:

A little something I found and wanted to share, it was taken in Melbourne!

i feel like icecream:

It's beginning to warm up, yahoo. (except today it rained alot!) I was all "awww, I have to be inside on a day like this...but it began to pour down and I was then thinking thank goodness I'm in here!"
SO I have been feeling like ice cream a bit lately (due to the weather), although the picture above isn't a real ice cream it is pretty cute and maybe lighter on the sugar and carbs!
Check out the source!


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