Wednesday, 7 April 2010

the park plays at night - by jennaalyce

recently, actually, only a weekend ago I had a small collection walk the catwalk at the annual MJ's Dance Fashion Show.

tonight i checked out some photos that were snapped of my models on the night (as i was nervously excited behind stage i couldn't take any myself); they look great!!
cant wait to get my paws on them.
i like to give my collections a name or title you could say - this one was called 'the park plays at night'
This name came about one night when I was walking Princess Park in Carlton & dreamed up some quirky pants (which I am still aspiring to make). It was originally ‘the park plays’ but due to my still fascination with navy blue I added the night theme which then allowed me to include owls into the design. I made each model an owl beanie (you can purchase these from me - Charlene is wearing one above).
I designed three male & three female outfits.
Charlene is modelling one outfit above, the grey shirt has a high neck, a hood & can be worn all buttoned up or open, the skirt has an asymmetrical hem & the necklace is detailed with feathers.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

happy be-lated Easter

My intension all long weekend was to post up something great & write about the cross, eggs & bunny's in regards to the whole Easter fest but due to commitments away from the PC that just wasn't possible.
 So Happy Easter!
I hope you all celebrated it well good.

Just know the cross is the most important!
Chocolate is yummy (in small servings)
& Bunny's don't lay eggs they make Easter cute! (especially blue ones)


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