Sunday, 31 July 2011


Vintage Aluminum Camera | Accessories | Z Gallerie

Vintage Aluminum Camera | Accessories | Z Gallerie (clipped to


Lately red seems to be my favourite colour to wear and splash around the house.
I'm pretty sure it all started when I was in London, I wanted to wear red lipstick. Now I own a red boutique chair, shoes, stockings, jeans (which I'm wearing right now and don't want to ever take them off!)
All I see is Red.

This is what I want to wear tomorrow...

also found this... (its a book cover made into a bag...clever!)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Singles Mingle

on this Wednesday at the
$10 ticket
(Tickets selling fast)
If your new to town or want to meet new people this is a great opportunity, you don't have to be single to go (we have wrist bands for the single and not single).
Live music, games, prizes (from Vanity, County Grey, Belgiorno's, Oatmil cinema and Jennaalyce jewellery) free drinks, nibbles.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

raw... unedited...

I have awesome beautiful cousins....(on all sides of the family if your reading this family, haha!)
One Sunday that pasted very quickly in this winter weather I spent it with Lily & Jordan 2 very gorgeous brother & sister who are also my cousins
We planned to take photos from 2pm until 4 but that didn't quite go to plan as we hadn't caught up in what felt like ages. So the shots below are just a little taste of our quick 1hr before the sun set. I'm yet to edit the rest I like. Hope you like!
Will be doing another shoot soon as I have a new camera lens, yay, yay, very exciting in the photography world!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Happy Birthday Mum....if...

 It's my Mum's Birthday today and.....
 ....if I could I'd take you to Paris, we would shop all day, enjoy crepes and the cafes, speak French to the locals, then just at dusk take a trip up the Eiffel tower (look over the breath taking city) and watch it sparkle in the evening sky.
....if you were in SA and I had time I'd bake you a yummy cake with your favourite colour on the inside to surprise you!

I hope your enjoying your day in the sunshine. xx

Saturday, 9 July 2011

cutest kids magazine...

As I was working in the returns room yesterday at the library, my creative juices were running made with photo shoot ideas, from conversations with a creative colleague and crafty books passing me by. One photo shoot I was thinking up was getting my gorgeous nieces to come with me to the costume store and pick something out, then go play, make a world of fun and colour!
I can't wait to purchase a new camera lens this week!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

leave you with this tonight...

Red Velvet Cake

The other night I went to dinner with my sweet sweet boyfriend, as we were waiting to be seated the cake fridge drew me in and I was like 'yeah, I think I want cake for dinner!'
(definitely not allowed, no i didn't)
This is how Red Velvet Cake was brought up and the very next night we were rushing to the supermarket minutes before they closed to find all the nitty gritty ingredients that create this delight!
It was our 1st cake baking together & I say it turned out pretty good, but we are going to tackle it again to make it look like this one above and change the ingredients so it's more dense!

I was just looking around some blogs and saw this posted on pugle pixel

also found this on etsy...


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