Friday, 30 July 2010

I'll have pom poms with that thank you:

If they were in my size..... you would see me wearing them around the place. I'm tempted to stick pom poms on a pair of shoes that bore me. If it happens, I will do a show & tell!

be on that swing:

found at INK+WIT blog. There is more to see! I enjoyed this particular picture; when I saw it I could feel the sand between my toes and was ready to run for the 3rd swing on the left. Have a look at what else there's to see on INK+WIT :)

oh finally!

I have to give credit to Camille, I was just spending a few moments of my lunch break checking out what creative things she's been up to! Finally an answer to my question or imagination, it was only a week ago I was saying to a friend "they really need to invent a helmet that's stylish!" - words are powerful! Check out what Camille has found - yakka the answer to my ramble.

it's going to go so well with the bike of my dreams (white one below)
I want to be riding around town by this summer (with a yakka helmet)!
Electra in bicycle world are like BMW's! Totally paying for the look!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

upon a fold: barbie!

I don't remember how I found it but I did, this blog called upon a fold, which is actually an online store with amazing paper and paper sculptures. I love stationary so the blog is fun to follow as the lady posts about all things paper. Here below is a picture I borrowed from upon a fold to show you just how great it is. The white background is paper sculpture for barbie. (I also love barbie)
Check out the rest of the pictures at upon a fold!

between the pages:

While I had some spare time on my travels I decided I needed a new book mark, this is what I created from a piece of material, 6 paper roses and a cute little badge!  

something new:

The latest addition to my jewellery collection!
This necklace has a long brown leather chain and hangs heavy at the bottom with the old school camera. I have worn it nearly everyday since I brought it. My little cousin asked me if the camera takes pictures...(how cute!) but unfortunately this sweet piece of art is just for looks not function!


Fashion forecast: purple is the new black (so I have noticed!)
I started drawing this on my way to Queensland (yep escaped the cold weather down south! yippee)
Purple was out on the racing field, on my nails, shoes, shop windows and fashion accessories. It was so easy to elevate purple from my dress I wore to ladies day (I will show you shortly what I wore!)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

sticky patterns

I know they have been around for a while now, patterned sticky tape, but I just brought these last night from Readings and love them! Something I like about these aside from their pattern and useful stickiness is they are like mask'in'tape! So peel and tear, no scissors required which is great as you can't board planes with scissors in your bag, I learnt the expensive way! (hairdressing ones straight in the bin...oops) That's right I'm on holidays!! yay!

Monday, 12 July 2010

happy birthday mum!

It's Mum's 50th birthday today!
Happy birthday!!!
Normally for milestones like this we would post an advert in the local paper but being 2010 and the use of technology at our fingertips I decided to post it here!! This wonderful picture above is mum in her teens, how cute! This was in the seventies, by the style of collar its obvious (mind you it is back in fashion, flip through some fashion magazines and you will see them popping up!)
and here she is today!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


these are some illustrations i like from the book
 "fashion illustrations by fashion designers"
enjoy!! :)

blast from the past!

This is some of my work from years ago.

Found it the other day when I was going through all my work (procrastinating!!)
They were for my year 12 methods & materials. I chose to play with photo-manipulation and used singlet’s to present my results.


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