Tuesday, 29 November 2011

25th / afternoon tea party

I'm turning 25 in less than 2 weeks!! (feels like only yesterday my brother and I were on the couch in our old house with him saying to me "next year you will be in the double numbers and there is only 1 more minute until your birthday is over" I had just turned 9)
Being the only girl and youngest I think I was spoilt with a birthday party every year, it seems to have continued. I love birthday parties, especially the decorating part.

This year I was like "yeah, lets just have coffee and tea somewhere in the afternoon"....Now it's in the park for afternoon tea but I want to create this below and have a little photo shoot area set up to take some fun shots (as that's what I love to do) and my beautiful boyfriend and I are baking a red velvet cake the night before, I'm also wanting to bake my ice-cream cone cupcakes! I really can't wait (I don't think I should be turning 25, I feel too much like that 9 year old sometimes. But I do have specks of grey hair showing that you don't stay young forever!)

should i make these...? haha

something like this will be a backdrop for the photo shoot with trees in the background, oh so pretty!!

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